I have came to the realization that Showtime’s Dexter is possibly the greatest show on Television. The show has brought in so many different elements that are fresh and new from everything else that’s on TV. It’s not a show where you’re strictly out to catch the bad guy, or to save someone from dying. It does bring that quality to the show but its about a guy, Dexter played phenomenally by Michael C. Hall, who looks good on the outside but who is deeply flawed and disturbed on the inside.  Hall who also magnificently played David Fisher on Six Feet Under, has the right mix of charisma and edginess to Dexter, he fills every dimension of the character correctly and he doesn’t leave you feeling unsure of what the character is feeling or why he is doing these things. The cast surrounding Hall is absolutely wonderful as well, Jennifer Carpenter plays Debbra, Dexters Detective sister. She is loud and obnoxious and caring and you never doubt her intentions. She knows what she wants and will do the hard work to get there. She idolizes her father and wants to be the kind of person he was, though as the series progresses we all learn a little more about there father and how things are not always as the appear. This series has everything that you need to satisfy your entertainment needs. When you are searching for something new to watch because your bored with the all of the same old shows don’t forget about Dexter on Showtime you will not be disappointed. 


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